LingvoSoft Dictionary English <-> German for Microsoft Smartphone

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LingvoSoft English <-> German Dictionary is now available for Microsoft Smartphone! This handy software dictionary will transform your Smartphone into a mobile translation tool that is always ready to serve you. It provides you with prompt bidirectional word translation anywhere you go. <p> The extensive language resource features a searchable database of 400,000 words and phrases. Each entry covers part of speech information and supplies several meanings for a word where appropriate. <p> One really useful function of this application is that it can find the word you are looking for by entering only a few of its letters. Since entering a single letter can take several button presses, you are sure to appreciate this timesaving benefit within minutes of using the software! <p> This LingvoSoft Dictionary for Microsoft Smartphone has the following features: <br> * Quick search function: start typing a word in the Input Line and words beginning with those letters will appear on the screen. <br> * Quick back translation for proof of correct understanding. <br> * Large, comprehensive word database <br> * Low memory consumption <br> * Option to install extra dictionaries on memory cards


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