LearnWords S60v3

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LearnWords - highly effective training program for learning foreign words and various facts (Windows, PocketPC, PalmOS, Symbian and Smartphone editions) For each word of dictionary it is necessary to execute a sequence of six exercises ("Card", "Mosaic", "Select translation", "Guess translation", "Select word", "Writing"). Exercises change automatically as you reach a certain level of points. Points are added for the correct answer and are lost for the wrong answer. Automoving of words is method of passive study: program move the set of records of dictionary like the slide-show without any actions! Features LearnWords Smartphone: - transcription and pronunciation of words - games and amazing forms of levels of study - creation and editing of dictionaries, export/import, sorting and more in the free editor 'LearnWords Editor' - adaptation of process of training (ball system of an estimation, penalty for the incorrect answer) - statistics and informations about process of study for each word (number of the current level, current points, count of the learned words and etc.) - opportunity to exclude a word from process of studing - cleaning statistics for all records of dictionary


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