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Press print on your Mac or PC to automatically convert files to PDF & push them to your iDevice. Your iDevice is an amazing way to read documents. LeapDoc makes it much easier to get files such as iWork & MS Office documents to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It instantly pushes files from your computer to your device. No emailing, syncing, wires or Wifi needed. But it does much more. Now you can read anything, anywhere, any time. There are many types of files iPhones and iPads usually can't open, for example... - Text files - Project plans - Graphic design files - Desktop publishing docs - CAD - Databases - & thousands of other common file types This often means you have to print to paper - this takes time, costs money and harms the environment. It's a problem you'd rather not have when you're running for a flight, or want to take important files into a meeting. LeapDoc solves this by automatically converting your files to PDF and instantly pushing them to your iDevice. LeapDoc even helps when you're not at your own computer. You can go to LeapDoc.com to push common file types to your device. LeapDoc saves you the time and hassle of thinking about different file formats and makes sure your important files are always with you. It can help you vastly reduce the amount you print to paper at a fraction of the cost of a single printer cartridge. Requires LeapDoc mobile app (search for LeapDoc on the app store). Features: - The ideal green alternative to printing - Read offline; documents are stored on your device - Instant Push Alerts; no syncing, wires or Wifi needed - Push common file types from the desktop app to your device with drag & drop - Push common file types from the web to your device - No extra costs; the print app for your desktop is free - Open documents in other mobile apps with "Open In..." - E-mail documents from within the app


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