ID-DMS Enterprise Document Management System

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ID-DMS is a new generation of enterprise document management system, incorporating state-of-the-art frameworks and technologies. ID-DMS is based on the Community version of Alfresco,with a lot of bug fixes, customization, extensions and enhancement from IDSignet. ID-DMS is a powerful enterprise document management system, supporting from small deployment of a few users to large deployment of thousands of users, managing millions of documents in a single repository. ID-DMS is designed to managed all types of documents, including Office documents, images, graphics, audio, video, etc, with a built-in video contents streaming server. ID-DMS is also the best collaboration platform, with built-in forum, video and voice conference, electronic whiteboard, group chat, online voting, online meeting, etc. Traditionally, enterprise document management system is so complicated that you need an army of IT specialists to implement. ID-DMS is so simple that even small and medium enterprises can implement. In fact, you can install it in about five minutes. Firms and departments that need enterprise document management system includes legal firms, accounting and audit firms, consulting firms, financial service firms, advertising firms, R&D department, marketing department, quality control department, technical support department, business outsourcing firms, industrial design firms, government agencies. Cost: US$1000 for 20 users (call for quote for more users)


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