ICQ Plus

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ICQ Plus allows you to change the appearance of ICQ. When installed, ICQ Plus integrates with ICQ by adding a menu item to the main menu and a button to the title bar. Choosing the new menu item brings up a dialog that lets you configure ICQ's appearance in several ways. You can apply a predefined skin or create one yourself. You can change the background images, styles, and settings of dialog boxes (BMP, JPEG, and GIF images are supported), change the main menu image, set your own animated GIF or AVI file instead of standard ICQ animation, and change the style of buttons and other controls (see screen shot). Skin files can be imported and exported via ZIP files. ICQ Plus also has multiuser support. ICQ Plus features an advanced layout mode that lets you use multiple images as a background, ICQ for Groupware support, random skin options, the ability to use a custom animation for the ICQ button in the main dialog, support of transparency in animated GIF images, the ability to customize scroll bars in the main dialog, and MouseOver support for buttons. This version includes ICQ2000b support,ICQ2000a support, a new installation system, and several bug fixes.Adding a bit of personality to a program is always nice, and ICQ Plus has plenty of great ways to do it. Aside from the wide variety of skins, the customization options alone make this program worth a try.


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