FinePrint (for Windows 95/98)

Printer Tools


A regular Windows printer driver for printing and enables you to print multiple pages on a single sheet of paper. It provides a print preview of the page and will print borders around eachpage placed on the sheet of paper. Print quality is excellent -- even at eight pages per printed sheet, the print is still legible. FinePrint supports all standard Windows printer features, such as spooling and scheduling. It offers a number of stationery styles that add a cute graphic to the page. Otherstyles include a fine-looking invoice and a letterhead. FinePrint also supports stationery overprints, such as 'confidential' and 'internal use only,' which are printed in the center of the page at a 45-degree angle. You can add a header, footer, and even a watermark to your printed output. This program provides an outstanding level of control over your print jobs and is useful for many purposes, includingdocument archival, bulletin and flyer printing, print scaling, and more.

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