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EasyQuick Report Lite lets you see the information from your MySQL Database in the way you want it. You can make Standard Reports, Forms, Letters, Cross-Tabs, Mailing Labels and any combination of them. Reports can include pictures, photos, graphs and you can use any colour or font. You can output reports to screen, printers, text files, PDF files, Excel sheets and HTML. With one single design your reports are accessible through Client/Server and Web. EasyQuick even lets you see your reports on PDA devices and mobile phones. Key Features: • Easy Report Design • Runtime Data Selector • Supports Local and Global Script • Drag and Drop Relations • Rich output Types, HTML, PDF etc. • Native Database Access for MySQL • Support for Client/Sever and Web Application • DLL's available for application integration • Report Structure include Report Header, Page Header, Group Header, Detail lines and Footers • Software seal by ISO 9001:2000 and TQS(Thai Quality Software) Award : Thailand ICT Award (Business Application Category) Keyword : Report, Easy, Quick, Database, Tool, MySQL,

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