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EasyLicenser is a flexible, low-cost and powerful software license manager focused on ease-of-use for both the ISV and the end-user. EasyLicenser also includes eCommerce and Customer Relationship Management functionality. EasyLicenser allows you to cut your costs and increase revenue by providing full protection for your software products for as little as $2 per end-user copy. And unlike current leading products, there are no hidden extras-maintenance and multi-platform support are free. EasyLicenser's non-intrusive operation will encourage the ISV's users into compliance, thus further improving the bottom line. EasyLicenser protects your Java programs on all platforms, C/C++ on Windows, HPUX, Linux and Solaris, or Visual Basic 6 programs on Windows. Most commonly used license models are supported, and you can further customize the licensing options to meet your own unique requirements. Common hard-enforcement schemes are built-in, and sample code is available for others. Above all, EasyLicenser is a 100%-pure Java license manager, and includes anti-spoofing mechanisms that are especially appropriate for securing Java applications. The eCommerce features allow you to issue and maintain end-user licenses over the web-automatically and without need for intervention-thus dramatically reducing your cost of doing business. EasyLicenser also supports the import and export of customer, product and license-key data in a variety of formats, including XML for post-processing and data interchange with contact manager and relational database systems. EasyLicenser includes an easy-to-use License Manager GUI that you can use to manage your customers' license keys and accounts, as well as your own EasyLicenser license. The GUI includes complete online documentation and Help. Download a free no risk trial copy of EasyLicenser from our website. You may also request a free copy of a report detailing the impact of piracy on your software revenues


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