Document Management Tools


Designed from the ground up with OCX technology to enable 32 bit performance for Windows 95/NT. It uses industry standard tools for seamless integration into most popular databases such as Access, Sybase, SQL Server, Centura. Designed to scan and manage insurance provider files and information, agent files, client files, medical records, correspondence, claims, licensing information and all other documents related to agency automation. Product Features :Use standard hardware and local area network you probably already have to scan, index, file, retrieve, share, fax, print, e-mail and distribute documents or computer generated reports; Image Files Supported; Color, Black and White Annotation types including lines, rectangles, circles, arrow, high-lighting, free hand, text & text notes, stamp, logo & signature; COLD Support; Auto Indexing of documents; Easy generation of CDs for archival or distribution; Database Support; Scanner Support; Image Processing; Document Folder Creation & Viewing; Full text OCR in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel formats; Sending documents within the DigiFile network; Document level security for every database in DigiFile; Unlimited database fields and forms; Creation of pre populated empty files or folders; User controllable imaging compression Interface with AutoCAD support.


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