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DBDefence is the program designed exclusively for SQL Server to protect the database from unauthorized access. DBDefence transparently encrypts the database without modification of your application. DBDefence prevents access to the database tables completely until certain SQL statement with the password. Even DBA can't access tables or execute procedures. Each application which wants to access the database must execute special statement with the correct password once for the session to access the database. After application supplied the correct password everything is accessible as usually. 7 Quick Facts about DBDefence: Completely encrypts database and log files inside SQL Server 2005 and 2008 (X86 and X64) Free and Time unlimited Version available Hides schema even from DBA Works transparently. No need to modify existing queries, no extra VIEWs and UDFs Backups automatically encrypted Not traceable by SQL Profiler Strong and fast with 128-bit AES encryption


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