Crazy Writer 2.0 Standard

Word Processing


A magic tool package to generate funny passages automatically and deal with your document with template manager! Crazy Writer 2.0 Standard consists of two softwares. First, it provides you with Language Master which has mystic intelligent power to generate interesting stories automatically. Second, it also provides you with Template Star which will be your good assistant in documentary work. The Function Features of Crazy Writer Crazy Writer 2.0 - Language Master + Let computer generate interesting stories following your instructions. + Generating interesting stories automatically + Using several languages + Customizing grammar structure + Customizing vocabulary + Writing your own stories by the computer Crazy Writer 2.0 - Template Star Create template wizard for frequent-used document. It will be more conveniently and quickly in the future use. + Creating documents quickly from current more than 80 business templates + Creating customized templates for your frequent-used documents + Creating wizard for your customized templates + Creating documents quickly from your customized templates


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