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The PDA Kitchen Magician, CookenPro Home, and the Recipe Magician™ are the most complete set of software programs available to home users. Enter your own recipes or import recipes in Mastercook, Mealmaster, or CookenPro formats. Exports in CookenPro and MealMaster formats. Includes Food For Fifty. See Share recipes and other information with other handhelds. Nutritionally analyze your own recipes. Comes with the USDA SR15 database. Add your own nutrition items. Plan menus with easy display and selection of recipes by category. Resize recipes at the time you select servings in the menu plan. Get extended ingredients for all recipes in the menu plan with a click, the only software that does this. Accurately upsize units of measure. Send all or part of your menu plans to your handheld. Take extended ingredients and nutrition information with you by meal or day against Recommended Daily Intake. Select recipes by range of nutrition values or ingredients keyword. Send all or part of your recipe to your handheld. Take only the ingredients with you to the store so if you see something you like you know what else to buy. Nutrition by meal or by day against Recommended Daily Intake. Recipe description, ingredients, nutrition information, servings, tools, etc. are available from convenient worksheet drop downs. Attach pictures or unlimited audio-visual to recipes on desktop. Make grocery lists with a click. Combine lists organized by grocer or vendor and aisle/location. Maintain your pantry. Take what you have and what you need when you go to the store. Supports U.S. and metric measures. Software upgrades between major versions and support included in purchase price. The Recipe Magician™ gets unformatted text recipes into your database from your own text files. Comes with its own browser. “Scrape” recipes right off your favorite web site.

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