Compact Staff Planner

Time and Clock Tools


Compact Staff Planner is an Excel based long term time planning tool to help you manage your employees' time scheduling. It is a semi-multiuser application and includes built-in security (4 login-levels). it has reports, charts and Planning Board. Facilities include overtime / time in lieu planning, staff cover monitoring, print and save to file, a Help/user manual and two tutorials. You define all codes (e.g. sick leave, exams, clients, work functions), departments, job titles and staff names. There are no money implications so no wages-based confidentiality issues. As it is Excel based it is easily understandable and distributable, but all data is validated and controlled using form entry. Min half day booking (except overtime/time in lieu (hours or part thereof)). Version 3.1 now comes in a compact single file, has 'Saves as Web Page', faster date entry and Import function from other Staff Planners, allowing it to be upgradeable.


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