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Need a business card? Looking for a fast, user-friendly and simple means of creating business cards the way you want and when you need them? You've just found it! CartMeister is the simple solution for creating business cards, name badges, ID cards, etc. CartMeister will not only produce the slick, professional and polished look that you're hoping for, but will also lead you through the process, step by step. You'll go from creating a card using pre-designed templates to the printing or preparing a file to a press shop. CartMeister will not allow you to felt overwhelmed by the complexity of the options and alternatives available, and the sheer scale of the learning-curve involved. You can make professional quality cards without any designer experience. Use our rich image Gallery containing pre-designed templates, paintings, backgrounds, clipart and unique collection of Middle-Aged ornaments. No need for experience and no need for any additional software! Features: - Supports both US and metric templates and paper layouts - select the style you need. - Works with all standard business card stock - supports Avery, Decadry and other major suppliers. - The built-in Address Book allows you to create cards for each person in your company in matter of seconds. - You can use various image effects for creating your cards - shadows, relief, mosaic, translucent pictures, etc. - It can import and export graphics in most popular formats. - It can print your own cards or you can order professionally printed cards.


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