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CZ Print Job Tracker 4.0 is a powerful centralized print manager / print counter / printer monitor for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista print-server printing environments and direct IP printing environments. It is an easy to use print management tool that allows you to manage, control and count print jobs sent from Windows / Linux / Unix / Mac OS clients, monitor all your printers from a single location and send alert by email, audit and log all printing activity, analyze and monitor your printing costs, charge the print jobs by entering client code or project code, confirm and authenticate print jobs on the workstation before they actually print, view the content of print jobs, move waiting jobs to a different printer and auto send a message to the print job owner, reprint printed jobs / deleted jobs, eliminate wasted paper and reduce printer maintenance time. It can be installed on any computer (either a print-server computer or a non-print-server computer). The reports can be created in any language and sent by email automatically. The reports can also be viewed from the web browser. Highlights: Centralized print manager, print counter and printer monitor. Support both print server and direct IP printing environments. Support all brands of printers. Designed for Businesses and Education of all sizes. Monitor all your printers from a single location and send alert by email. Count, quota, log, audit, restrict and charge printing. Print authentication / client code billing with 25 languages. View the content of waiting jobs / deleted jobs / printed jobs. Move waiting jobs to a different printer and auto notify the job owner. Reprint printed jobs / deleted jobs. Generate 100 reports automatically in any language within minutes. Email reports automatically or create web reports. Save you about 30% in paper and toner costs.

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