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A break reminder program to help prevent OOS/RSI and to assist in the healing process if these or similar conditions already exist. Small program interface that discretely runs in the background monitoring your computer use, which uses timers (to your settings) that remind you to take a break. Features... Settings customizable to suit each individual user. Micropause reminders after a preset time - for preset times. Rest Breaks for preset times, after a preset number of Micropauses. Detection of user input to automatically modify times depending on use. A log file for each user to record most events, including ignored pauses and breaks. Tray icon right-click menu to access necessary functions and status. Options to ignore and enforce breaks. Options to start each time your computer starts. Sounds to indicate when breaks start and finish. Options for Micropauses only, Rest Breaks only, or both. Multiple user support. Optional password protection and option to "Black out" screen during breaks.

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