Clipboard Express Pro

Clipboard Management Tools
  • Developer: Chequers Software
  • Home page:
  • License type: Commercial
  • Size: 2.86 MB
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Multiple storage clipboard utility to copy and paste regular used items. Allows you to enter text by clicking a paste button. Allows to you copy the contents by clicking or dragging a copy button. Allows you to drag the data to other applications and forms. Drag and drop data to on-line forms (no re-typing). Includes 2 scrollable storage spaces on each store. Launch your browser directly to any web addresses stored. Sits in your system tray for easy access. Full Tray support for copy/paste. Shows what is in the clipboard the whole time for easy reference. Allows you to use it as temporary storage or save the contents for later. Includes 150 storage locations. Auto Run and Start-in-Tray options. Each location holds up to 32,000 characters. Each store supports multi-line strings (+ carriage returns). Stores Pictures as well as text. Able to print each Store. Makes .BMP files from any clipboard pictures. Drag in pictures directly from the web. Save screen dumps for later.

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