Azabache CT

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Azabache CT® is a software tool designed to keep and manage your gages and equipment database and forecast your calibration program. This engine helps you to plan your workload, reduce costs, can be easily used by any plant officer and helps you to avoid making most common faults in Quality System audits: those referred backwardness in instruments calibration. It is a solid and friendly end user application of digital management for workshops and laboratories in what refers to the management of inventory, schedules and track of operations over each asset in database.  It manages the tracking of metrologic activities in compliance with basic requirements of international quality standard ISO/IEC 17025. Flexible features of our software make it the best option for small laboratories and even to huge corporative industries with thousands of instruments.  Its speed and intuitive interface will become this software into the most efficient, fast and inexpensive officer in your Quality Department.

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