Auto Bookmark Wizard

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A powerful and easy to use tool that simplifies the creation of well organized PDF documents. Auto Bookmarks Wizard scans your documents for chapter and section headings and automatically creates bookmarks. The process is easy. You start by identifying an example of each heading style for which you want to create bookmarks. Auto Bookmark Wizard does the rest. It scans the entire document for headings that match the font and style of your example headings. Matching headings are converted into well-organized hierarchical bookmarks. The Wizard's interface leaves out all the cryptic references for hyperlinks, macros and images. Instead of scuffling with destinations, page numbers and commands, you can concentrate on more important things: to design structure for bookmarks for your document. Auto Bookmarks Wizard is designed for processing files en masse. If you're processing hundreds of similar files You Save Countless Hours with Auto Bookmark Wizard.


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