AutoPurge 2000

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A program to help manage large drawing archives in AutoCad and Mechanical Desktop. This program can be run at times when your archive server is at it's quietest as open dwawings and drawing locks (.dwk) will cause a script to hault waiting for user input. So it is a good idea to cleanout all dwk files. AutoPurge will create a .bak file of the original drawing so you can return it to its original state. In todays fast-paced design industry not every one has the time to follow good drafting practices which is why I wrote AutoPurge 2000. It has the time, when you do not, to batch purge and batch plot allowing you to do other daily routines not related to autocad. The biggest plus is the script writing is fully automated so no need to know how to write one and no need to know how to load one just pick it out and run it with the click of the button and sit back and watch it work for you saving countless costly hours of manually purging each individual file of trying to write your own batchscript. Those annoying spaces can be tricky when writing scripts. It is so user friendly anybody in the department should be able to run it. This program will easily save you the purchase price and hopefully give you back some valuable hard drive space. Download the trial version today and give it a try. Use the purchase site linked here when you can pay for it and use all the options and buttons.


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