2004 kManager - Knowledge Management - Java - Sarbanes Oxley

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www.kManager.com: A software application that integrates knowledge management functions within the entire organization and across multiple organizations. It is built using self organizing features that allow you to retrieve information at your finger tips. kManager provides a knowledge management framework to support Sarbanes Oxley process controls and monitoring instituted by your organization. The base Sarbanes Oxley template can be extended to support the needs of your organizational processes. Through the use of extensible templates kManager will adapt to the evolving requirements of the Sarbanes Oxley Act. kManager incorporates the capability to create an unlimited number of document repositories. kManager delivers knowledge management with discussion forums. Search for organizational expertise in the unlimited number of forums that may be created. Share files using the universal web access knowledge management interface. Utilize kManager as a structured file sharing software. A variety of organizational charts reflecting different organizational hierarchies may be created. Deploy kManager as an organizational chart software. kManager uses extensible templates to provide multiple knowledge base areas. Search more of the web within your organization and related organizations. The search feature provides specialized search across all kManager knowledge management application templates. Perform people search within and outside your organization. Search their contribution to knowledge management. kManager comes delivered with a number of templates. These templates can be modified or extended and other knowledge management templates can be created. The kManager Configurator provides a user friendly interface to create new templates. kManager is secure and universally accessible though a web interface. kManager provides simultaneous user preference based international language knowledge management.


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