Octave nonlinear least square fit in title

Win Squared Problem Solver

Arcadian Software

Business English Fitness

Merit Software

Business English Fitness is self-paced grammar improvement software that helps students improve their business writing, and provides teachers with...

Grammar Fitness

Merit Software

Grammar Fitness is a self-paced software program that helps students cope with many troublesome points of grammar while providing teachers with...

Vocabulary Fitness

Merit Software

Vocabulary Fitness is a self-paced skill-building software program that helps students improve their vocabulary skills and provides teachers with...

Fitness Computer 2000

DesktopMD Corporation

The ultimate software tool for maximizing your health and for losing weight. This release is packed with features, including the unique...

Octave nonlinear least square fit in description

WISCO Word Power

WISCO Computing

Create word searches, magic number squares, vocabularybingo cards, flash cards, matching and multiple choicequizzes, juggle words, fill-in-the-blank...



FindGraph is a comprehensive graphing, curve fitting, and digitizing tool. FindGraph offers 12 generic fits, including linear regression, logistic...

Linear Algebra

Orlando Mansur

Performs computations associated with matrices, including solution of linear systems of equations (even least squares solution of over-determined or...



Looking for a way to save money on ink and paper? Need a poster printing feature? Want an affordable virtual printer? Check out PrintGhost. Being...

Clear It!

Gerry Quinn

This original and challenging shape-fitting puzzle game has excellent graphics and sound effects, and can be customised to create a zillion variants....

A1 Geo-Fit

Michael Treciokas

The A1 Geo-Fit Game Pack is a collection of three Windows 95 games that are somewhat similar to Tetris. The difference being, that the Tetris squares...



At the first glance the idea of the game is as in Classic Tetris - to fill horizontal lines of the game pits with the falling pieces. More lines you...

Logical 5 Board Game


An addictive board game for 1 or 2 Players. Playing against computer is a real challenge! 2 player mode inclued. Freeware. Game Rules: Make at...

A Plus MathMat

Jerry Wang

Takes traditional flashcards and turns them around - at least figuratively. Rather than presenting an addition or subtraction problem in which the...



QuadroX is a program that really requires you to think outside the box. It's an interesting game that's roughly similar to one you might...


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