WebScripter Plus

Web Authoring
HTML and Link Verification Tools


Helps you create html pages that are embedded with JavaScript. This 'Plus' version has a built-in browser for quick preview. It also has a built-in image viewer that supports common image file formats. HTML Wizards include: forms, tables, frames, images and links and fonts. JavaScript Wizards include: message dialogs, clocks, sound, new windows, JavaScript links, a dropdown navigator, password links, browser checking, mouseover events, rollover menus, rotating banners, scrolling messages, advanced email validation and cookies.There is a utility that converts embedded JavaScript into reference files (js) that are not seen with the view source method. There is a full library of HTML 4.0 tags with an attribute assistant and a library of JavaScript objects, their properties, methods and event handlers. There is a built-in FTP client for uploads and directory maintenance. WebScripter Plus supports 3 different browsers and third party FTP and Image editing software.


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