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The HTML color selector - program for guard rope of colors for HTML-pages. Each time when you attempt to construct or to improve the page in Internet You interfere with (run into) with a problem guard rope of colors of your page. You see that The colors were correctly imaged in anyone browser-e to you it is necessary to indicate all Colors by the way #FFFFFF, and to store selected colors in such aspect is high-gravity. Given The program will facilitate to you life. At first at once in the program you can look As the colors, selected by you, for the references, fissile references visited will be combined The references, back background, text among themselves. Secondly all colors will be introduced In any of the aspects, necessary to you, - -percent proportion, decimal, hexadecimal Aspects. Having set any of these three arguments for each of component colors, Or is simple move scroll box you at once receive the necessary color. Program can on To desire to save the last colors, utilized before closure, and as Can be translated apart from Russian into any other language (enough to translate all messages in the file sample.lng in a folder LANG on necessary and to put the obtained file under a new name in a folder LANG).

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