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Shopping Cart System store builder is an e-commerce solution software for creating Web Store to be posted on the Internet. The purpose of this store builder is to provide an easy-to-use interface that automatic creates all the HTML files necessary to run your store. Built-in search engine, Build unlimited number of stores, E-mail receipt sent to customer, Insert extra links to the main menu, Insert extra pages manager, Item extra page for a large image, Item options + price (e.g. color, size, etc), Preview your store before uploading, Three types customizable taxes, No CGI, Java, or scripting skills are needed, No server-side software is required, No monthly fees for your store builder, (Merchant), VeriSign (Payflow), WorldPay (Merchant), Will work with any hosting service, Unlimited categories, HTML editor for description, Minimum order requirement capability, Up to 4 Items per row option, Referral ID Identification capability built-in, PayPal currency selection, Use % & $ Discount apply to category or product, Online Update, UPS Option, USPS Option, FEDEX Option, Search engine optimization, Handling Fee, Check Order Status, Google Checkout (Merchant), AuthorizeNet (Merchant), Nochex (Merchant), Paypal (Payflow) (Merchant), Apply coupons on checkout, Premium professional templates, Optimize image capability, Improved interface control, Improved FTP program, Inventory control, Up to 8 additional extra fields on the order form, Five different promotion methods for your first page , Marquee on the first page, Preformatted web form for your pages, Improved printing options, Viewed products for your store, Display five newest products on your store, Category extra layout configuration, Move category location using drag and drop, Improved and faster search, Add images for the category page, Downloadable products, Products manufacture search, Products display order manage, Shopping basket on every page, Undo and Redo text on the active screen.


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