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Shareware Tracker is intended to be a complete solution for shareware developers who wish to submit their applications to the many download web sites for review and listing. It not only automates much of the submission process, but keeps track of what is listed and where, including version information, number of downloads, etc. Submitting and checking on the various sites is quick and easy, while allowing the developer complete control over the process. Includes 180+ (and growing) web sites preconfigured for semi-automatic or automatic submission and tracking. Auto-update feature automatically adds new sites to the database as they are made available on our web server. We plan to add new sites until all useful web sites are included. New sites will be added on an almost-daily basis. The developer may choose which sites to include in their own tracking process. Keep control of the submission process but greatly simplify it and save lots of time. Get maximum exposure and increase your link popularity with search engines. Free, fully-functional 30-day evaluation is available for download. Submit all your programs for free and only pay if you consider this a useful, greatly time-saving tool.

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