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RankSpy is the first software in the world designed for indirect assessment of site indexation in search engines, for revealing unindexed pages, and for creating a list of pages that contain links to your site. RankSpy can extract from search engines the following link sets for any specified domain: - List of your site pages indexed by search engines. - List of pages that contain links to your site. RankSpy work with search engines from 20 countries! The lists are extracted using special commands of a search engine. For example, AltaVista retrieves the first list on the command "host", and the second one on the command "link". Example: host:www.mailutilities.com RankSpy retrieves the valuable marketing information. No other software will provide you with this type of report on indexation level of your site. This information, together with information on the sire position relative to certain key phrases will give you comprehensive idea of your site indexation level, will help you to assess the results of your site registration in search engines, to reveal registration mistakes and faults.

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