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A Great Marketing Tool. Visitors can send a quick note to their friend with your message and your link back to the exact page the visitor was at when they submitted the form. (You can direct the friend to any page). An easily customizable e-mail subject line and message area helps promote your products and services. The WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) interface allows for many elements to be customized easily including the subject line, message area, error text color, background, border, captions, and button to fit your Website theme and layout. Use an image for the background instead of color. Change the button cursor from the default pointer to a hand. Preview your design while you work. Redirect visitors upon submission to the default thank you page or to any other web page. And customizing the thank you page (thankyou.html) with HTML and CSS is a snap. No CGI Bin. No MySQL. No additional fees or costs.


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