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Tweed is an ergonomic photo viewer, designed for a widescreen displays. Minimalistic in nature, it does support all of common image formats and about 300 cameras RAW (DCRAW based). Tweed screenshot. The right pane shows thumbnails of each photo in the current folder. When you click those thumbnails, the selected image shows in the left part of the screen. The name of the current folder is displayed on a window caption. Tweed is keyboard accessible. All content can come into focus without the use of a mouse; you can control the navigation bar view using the up/down arrow keys, clipboard operations - using standard Windows shortcuts and rotate currently viewed image by pressing ctrl + left or right arrows. The application has auto layout adjustment. If you resize a window, pane separator moves so that image area is adjusted to 4/3 - the most popular photo proportions. This allows to use screen area in a quite optimal way, that can be especially useful for a compact laptops.

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