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Hosting Controller is a complete hosting automation tool which makes things easier as never before. Whether you want to establish a hosting business of your own or want to become a reseller or just want to host your site we have best to offer you in one pack.With its support for seven Email servers, four DNS servers, two FTP servers, Four Statistics servers, two database servers, three major payment gateways and two domain registrars, HC fits in 95% of existing businesses involved in Windows based hosting.In addition HC supports distributed environment where hosts keep their DNS and Email servers on separate boxes (possibly on Linux as well). This allows HC owners to flexibly design their server structure, provide extra reliability of Linux for high traffic applications like DNS and Email and still provide the best of Windows hosting to their users. HC uses the best security practices in the industry today to configure Windows servers as best as possible in a shared hosting environment; all done automatically in the background.In addition to this HC comes bundled with FREE software like an Email server, a website statistics server, a forums applications and a fully integrated and complete billing/invoicing/accounting software specially made for shared hosting providers. We strive to provide a high quality of technical support and our large number of customer base is a proof of this high quality support we have been providing. We are providing level 1, level 2 and level 3 support to our customers.The salient features of Hosting Controller, the softwares that are offered with it and the highly professional services that we are rendering make it one of the best available in market.

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