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advPOP3 is part of ASPFusion which is a suite of ASP Components specially designed for shared web hosting. The component allows you to perform retrieve and delete mail messages from any standard POP3 server, which compiles with RFC 1939, via a web page and offer functionality that POP3 server support. Access to the component can also be turned on at website basis like all other ASPFusion components. The component exposes message headers via properties and handles quoted-printable and base64 decoding file attachments and embedded images also. It provides these operations.Retrieve mail messages using message numbers and also can sort the messages in given ascending and descending criteria. Delete mail messages. Check current status, as number of mail messages present and total size. It also provides Download and DownloadAs operations. Download operation allows downloading a file to client browser with actual file name and DownloadAs operation allows downloading a file to client browser with specified name. These operations can be used to download attachments to client machine.

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