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-=== Features Highlights: ===- * Fully customizable design presets, with great round corners, all drawn real time with canvas! No more faking corners with images * Configuring/editing already existing designs with DMXzone Lightbox Presets Explorer * Ability to combine images in galleries that open in the Lightbox dialog * Automatically resize images and generate thumbnails by using the build-in DMXzone Image Resizer * Use Lightbox to open regular, existing links in the Lightbox dialog * Great integration in Dreamweaver offering fully interactive live preview of the Lightbox options and designs within Dreamweaver! * Build-in own Floater in Dreamweaver- all Lightbox elements are inspected by its own Floater, so you don'tlose the ability to edit your images and links in Dreamweaver butrather you get additional options -=== Christmas Cards Demo ===- The demo combines Universal CSS Navigation menu which navigates the Sliding Billboard items and the images are displayed in a DMXzone Lightbox. -=== Amazing Panoramic Views Demo ===- Click on the thumbnails below in order to view the full-size panoramic photos and use the arrow keys to navigate through the Active Photo Viewer within a Lightbox window. -=== "Life Moments" Movies Gallery Demo ===- The demo features an amazing collection of HD videos from the young and talented artist Matthew Brown.Based in Seattle, USA, this young video producer creates masterpieceswith his camera and impresses the audience with every single shot.


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