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nET Social Bookmarking Script has recently developed into a powerful technique for search engine optimization, gaining back links to your sites and developing your internet presence. But the problem is bookmarking these many, many sites is a time consuming process. With all the other necessary tasks to perform to effectively market your product, this is just one more giant chore. No More! Now you can move with lightning speed, bookmarking 62 sites at a clip with a single link. This Script will help you to Bookmark a site into several Social Bookmarking Services. Instead of using different links to each Social Bookmarking website, you have to keep only a single link to all of them! Increase of recurring visitors Increase of traffic to your site by bookmark sharing Increase of the link popularity for your site No maintenance for you, the script will be updated by us No Pagerank loss due to social bookmarks, because of javascript links Different bookmark button layouts Short loading time Simple including of script code Space-saving And More...


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