Cool Page (Standard Edition)

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Cool Page is a WYSIWYG Web page design tool that allows you to create a page simply by dragging and dropping objects into a layout. By pushing a Publish button, you can automatically upload your site to the Internet. Pages designed with Cool Page are compatible with Netscape, Internet Explorer, and the AOL browser. You can export your page to HTML for publishing or to a corporate intranet, or import into other Web editors. Cool Page has unlimited undo and redo capabilities that allow you to go back to how your page looked at any point in the design process.Version 2.5 offers layering of objects, faster pages, and efficient CSS in HTML 4.0. It also has drag-and-drop support, cross-browser-compatible DHTML visual programming; a general object viewer akin to Windows Explorer with thumbnails; Tab View; a multiple-selection Tree View; and more. This is a fully functional free evaluation. Pro and Webmaster editions are available for $49 and $79, respectively.


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