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Client Search is a client side web site search facility that can be added to HTML pages. It allows web masters to add a site search facility without having to rely on server side utilities. The search can be limited to files specified by the web master or by means a site spider. It searches for keywords required by the user and requires no server side CGI scripts. It is ideal for sites built on budget whose Internet service providers do not allow server side processing or CD ROM distributions where search facilities cannot be assumed. Client Search operates as a Java Applet, reading specified files and searching for the keyword text. Where keywords are found, it provides a hyperlink to the file. The Applet can be configured to suit the web site look and feel. It allows colours, font and background image to be configured. It also allows text messages to be changed allowing the web master the option of presenting searches in a language that suits the target audience. Finally, the Applet may provide its search report to the user either in a pop up window or within a HTML frame. There are example configurations provided with the distribution file. The web master may choose to start with one of these examples and then configure the Applet to the desired look and feel at a later time. The major features are: - Small file size for quick Applet download and initialisation - Small web page footprint - Requires no CGI or server side utilities - Webmaster may replace user messages with their own messages. This enables alternative languages to be supported to suit the target audience. - Webmaster selectable colours to match corporate colour scheme of the Applet and search report - Search report may have a webmaster configured background image - AND OR boolean searches - The web master can direct the search report to a frame or pop up window - Case insensitive search - Limit search to webmaster defined files or spider search


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