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We are offering you a universal menu where you can customize many parameters using our external XML file. Four main advantages of our menu are additional button themes, which you can buy on our site, unlimited levels of a submenu, horizontal or vertical type of the menu and popup or drop down type of the submenu. Color parameters of the sub menu buttons can be customized independently of the main menu buttons. You will also appreciate simplicity of the "Chameleon menu": it takes changing only one parameter to turn a horizontal menu into a vertical one! Flash SWF Object info The object is a ready-to-use SWF file that you simply integrate into your HTML page. We have developed the object for users who do not have Macromedia Flash. The object cannot be controlled with ActionScript. It can set up only through an XML file. Flash SWF Object features - Additional button themes - 3 free button themes included - Horizontal or vertical menu type - Vertical menu align - Horizontal menu align - Drop down or popup submenu type - Horizontal submenu align - Unlimited submenu levels - Unlimited amount of main and sub buttons - Custom button width - Unlimited text length - Independent color settings for main and sub menus - - Background color - - Text color, rollover text color - - Rollover bar color - Custom button actions - - GetUrl - - LoadMovie - - GotoAndStop - - GotoAndPlay - - Your click handler with transfer of parameter - External configuration XML file - Change of a path to XML file in HTML - Import background pictures - Import button sounds - Detailed documentation - Support Flash player 7, 8, 9 - Small target file size (16 Kb)

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