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Akti Blog will create your personal blog or web diary in seconds. No professional skills, blog services, or databases are needed to post your blogs. With one click, you can publish your blogs on the net. For privacy, you can place blogs on your own computer or local area network instead of using other third-party services. Akti Blog can also create different types of web sites, such as web albums, journals, news sites and more, based on custom web templates. In addition, you can use Akti Blog as a powerful media organizer in order to organize your photos, movies, and notes. Features of Akti Blog Blog generation: Multiple categories and sub categories Unlimited number of blogs Share blogs through local area network Blog generation based on predefined or custom templates Blog publishing on your own web site through FTP Unlimited possibilities of blog design with internal template language User interface: Easy to use drag & drop user interface Advanced Word compatible text editor Animated images, tables, hyperlinks, bullets support Export into HTML, RTF, TXT, TXT Unicode, DOC (Word 97-2002 & 6.0 / 95) Typed URLs auto recognizing Web browser's content can be easily transferred to the Akti Blog notes using simple copy & paste! Advanced search Audio recording Support for many image and video formats Contains 7 image resampling filters for better image resizing in blogs Multi language support Internal database: Auto backup and restore database functions No database engines or database servers are required Import/export the whole database using XML format Small application and database file sizes

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