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Publish RSS feeds and iTunes podcasts without having to learn XML. Absolute RSS Editor simplifies the entire process of creating the feeds, allowing anyone to start publishing Web news feeds in the popular format in an instant. No need to know or to learn XML! The RSS generator does everything right on your computer, and produces completely standard-compliant RSS feeds supporting the latest recommendations of the RSS Advisory Board. You can format your news postings without having to learn HTML thanks to the built-in editor. The supplied HTML editor allows editing feed descriptions as well as the descriptions of every feed item in a fully visual mode. A straightforward step-by-step wizard guides you through the whole process of generating and publishing an RSS feed. Simply selecting your news and clicking 'Next' a few times in a raw will generate an RSS feed that will validate with the strictest feed validators, guaranteed! After you finish the wizard, Absolute RSS Editor generated your RSS feed or iTunes podcast, validating the content against the strict RSS Advisory Board recommendations. You'll be able to preview the RSS feed just created, including the XML source code. Another click publishes your newly generated RSS feed to a Web site of your choice using the FTP protocol. The makers of the RSS generator constantly monitor the latest advisories released by the RSS Advisory Board, and update the RSS generator promptly if a new advisory becomes available. Posting to iTunes and want your own podcast? Absolute RSS Editor supports iTunes extensions, and is able to generate iTunes podcasts just as easily as RSS feeds. Creating RSS feeds and publishing iTunes podcasts has never been easier!

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