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Command prompt text search utility (desktop search) with open source codes. It processes subfolders, unpack compressed files and archives of most popular formats (ZIP, RAR, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, 7ZIP, ARJ and some others) in memory. Current version works with TXT (plain ASCII, utf8, utf16, a lot of available encodings including east asian), RTF, PDF, HTML, XML, MS Word DOC, OpenOffice SWX documents, MP3 tags. Search results can be stored in different formats including plain TXT (utf8), HTML (it looks like results page from internet search systems), XML. The search engine supports common regular expressions as well as wildcards and other text pattern matching algorithms. Boolean search (OR, AND, NOT operators) are supported. Built-in indexer has a number of options affecting the engine performance and the index database files size. Grammar engine supports the Russian, English and (experimental) French languages morphology and syntax.

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