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FileCategorizer is a powerful Windows utility for categorizing files in a directory. FileCategorizer is unique. It does not look-in or alter contents of your files in any way but simply uses the file name and or other attributes to identify files that are similar and groups them on that basis. You can control the similarity of files in each category. FileCategorizer will benefit anyone who needs to organize large numbers of files, in particular, internet users, system administrators and newsgroup users. The product easy to use as it has no regular expressions or other complexities. FileCategorizer judges file name similarity in an intelligent fairly human-like fashion. The main features of FileCategorizer include: * Identification and categorization of files by name, type, size or time. * Speed. FileCategorizer can categorize several thousand files in less than a minute. * Customization and editing of all categories discovered by FileCategorizer. * File handling functionality (move, copy or create shortcuts) for files with the destination folder based on the file category. FileCategorizer is unique. It does not keep indexes or databases of your files so it is the ideal solution for people who are worried about their privacy, but who still want to keep their hard disks and large number of files properly organized and access their documents in a safe and fast manner.

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