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- performs a scan of your folders and files with pre-defined or choosen extensions - you can create as many collections as you wish, and even create subcollections - you can drag/drop your collections - generates the thumbnails for PDF, CBR, CBZ, and some MsOffice files (XLS, DOC, PPT) What's New ? v1.2.4 - It is now possible to drag and drop books directly to collections (press CTRL to copy, move by default) - For CBR & CBZ files, page navigation has been improved. v1.2.3 - now handes CBZ and CBR files ! - added generation of cover art for CBZ & CBR files - added Rating in search options - dynamic check of search parameters to avoid errors - added tooltips for Top Books entries - added some keyboard shortcuts for menu options - various bugfixes, small enhancements and code cleanup v1.2.2 - added option to scan subdirectories or not (before was always set to "on") - user can now perform a scan by right clicking on a book, and choosing the option to scan the scan will take the book's path as default scan folder - sorting by size has been corrected for some regional settings (not all) - added list of changes in "about box" - double click on a folder entry in scan window will make it editable - added explanation tooltips in scan window - added cancel button in scan window, to avoid saving the locations list for next time - added "Top Books" with Biggest books, Most Read, and those Rated 5 stars v1.2.1 - finally corrected the bug which was causing some collections to disappear sometimes !

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