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Today it- not simple to find a good remove duplicate files software which would allow in short terms, quickly and productively to solve questions with duplicate files. One programs have too small experience in the market, others have too big one therefore they don-t aspire to constant innovations for user. The third ones differ by difficult interface which it-s not easy to master. Clone Remover hasn-t all these problems. It-s young and at the same time skilled delete duplicate files free download program. What are features of this program? The program has an interactive operating mode with user. Practically all commands in the program can be executed only having pressed a corresponding option in a dialogue mode or having chosen the answer to the question brought by the program. It relieves the user of excessive searches of necessary command or an option, directs his search to necessary current solving the problems which the user has at present. The program is functional. It means that all the options and possibilities which its competitors have the remove duplicate files software also has. And even more. For example duplicate files search in Clone Remover can be carried out not only in traditional folders but also in such nonconventional directories as archives, network disks and i-Tunes. The results of duplicate files search can be kept in a special file to return to them later. The program supports such formats as MRS, CSV, TXT and HTML. It-s only part of the additional possibilities which delete the duplicate files free download program offers to the users. Thanks to the facilitated mode and the simple interface Clone Remover doesn-t spend many computer resources for the performance of user-s problems. Therefore to solve the problem with duplicates is possible within several minutes.


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