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Keystroke monitoring software proves to be the best surveillance tool for the persons who think that others are using their system when they are away from your home or working place. PC activity monitoring tool can invisibly records keystrokes like user name, windows login passwords, active window text or inputted information in all messengers like YAHOO, MSN, AOL, ICQ etc. Tool can also facilitate its users to store screenshots of all windows activity used during every time access of system. Utility can save logged keystrokes into log files for future reference. That log file can easily be sent secretly with the help of email to a specified user. Keyboard recorder utility runs in hidden mode, so its run in background operation cannot seen at control panel, start menu, add-remove programs and task manager window. Access control software assures its user for its undetectable mode, which cannot be catch by use of any spyware or antivirus. Key logger tool has convenient interface of the log and screenshot view and provides support to all windows based operating system like 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and Vista. Application can also monitor keystrokes inputted by special characters like Alt, Ctrl, Shift, and Tab etc. Features: * Windows key logger software is a program that runs in background, recording all the keystrokes. * By the help of this surveillance utility you can easily keep eyes on unauthorized activities of employees, kids and other users. * Keyboard recorder can obtain confidential data like login details, passwords, chat histories and all inserted text. *Utility is easy to use and takes less space for its installation.


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