Vista Win7 Keylogger

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iSafe all in one key logger best Keylogger spy software keystroke logger keystrokes logger Vista Keylogger win7/windows 7 Keylogger spy camera download keylogger keylogger download free keylogger keystrokes passwords spy kid Lan FTP email Key Logging KeyLogging. All In One Keylogger has very experienced Log Viewer. Allows you to aspect, browse, delete, check, type and colander your log files. All In One Keylogger viewer allows you to view logs by dates and level the total log. The Key logger Log-Viewer can be set to mark only dates when log was registered. It also supports HTML and plain-text reports and "Slide Show" for screen snapshot pictures. From immediately you can know what your kids and employees are doing on the PC and maintain a backup of your typed data.  Away from home, it can send you logs by E-mail, FTP or LAN. Surveillance and Logging Features:  Keystrokes Logging (Key Logging) - The Keylogger Spy Software can record all the applications running on your computer and the text typed in these applications (such as chat conversation, emails, documents, username, password, etc) aka Keystrokes Logger/Keystrokes Recorder.  This, combined with the visual record (screenshots) gives you full control over the computer.  Our Keylogger even enables clipboard logging (Ctrl-C) aka Clipboard Logger.  Chat / Instant Message Recording (Chat Logger/IM Logger) - All In One Keylogger records both sides of chat conversations of ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, MSN, Miranda, QIP and various other Chat/IM programs. Unlike other Keyloggers that monitor and record one side of the Chat conversation (Outgoing Messages), All In One Keylogger has a unique capability to capture both sides of the Chat conversation (Incoming & Outgoing Messages), which makes it a perfect Chat Logger/IM Logger as well.  Web Recording (Web Logger/Internet Logger) - The keylogger can record all the web activity including visited web-pages URLs, sites titles


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