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USB Data Theft Protection Tool is compatible to monitor various USB storage device including USB video players, pen drives, Mp3 player, USB Cameras (mass storage), USB Flash cards, USB Audio players, Pocket PCs, mobile phones, Ipods and Other USB mass storage enabled device. Professional USB monitoring software tracks the entire plug in and plug out performed by the USB device in windows network performed in real time on client personal computer system. Software from keeps tracks of all the USB devices activity running on the client system by working in a hidden mode. USB Monitoring software easily captures all performed entire activity, capable to change access permission of any client machine USB port within network domain and prevent unauthorized data transfer. Monitoring analyze program is capable enough to monitor multiple USB data storage media simultaneously in local area connection with an extra features of inbuilt help manual setting. Software from avoids any user to transfer your personal system vital information in your absence by playing a beep sound on insertion of any kind of data storage drive. Features: *USB drive activity monitoring program offers both offline and real time monitoring of USB thumb drive, pen drive or various data storage media. * USB data storage media instantly alerts you during unauthorized information access of any confidential or vital reports, folders etc. * USB Data Theft Protection Tool works for all Windows based business enterprises, IT integrators, educational groups etc. *Professional USB monitoring software is compatible with all windows operating system including Windows 7, Windows vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2008 and 2003.


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