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Finding files on hard drives can be a nightmare, and finding files on removable disks such as CD-ROMs, Zip disks and diskettes can be impossible. SuperCat lets you catalog all your disks, so you will never lose a file again. Designed to work with Windows 95/98, NT (4.0 or later) and Windows 2000, SuperCat is an easy to use utility for cataloging, searching and managing removable disks (CD-ROM, Zip, Jaz, SuperDisk, etc.), diskettes, harddisks and network drives. SuperCat is both easy to use for novice users, and has powerful features required by professional users like network administrators, etc. Instead of swapping and searching all your disks, you can easily locate any file with a single mouseclick. An operation which used to take forever, can now be done in a few seconds. Other useful features include the ability to hunt down and find duplicates, browse your catalogs and drag and drop files from SuperCat to other programs. The latest release of this award-winning program includes a superfast image viewer, making SuperCat an ideal tool for image collectors and professional image users, photographers, etc. Using SuperCat, you can easily browse images scattered on multiple disks as if they were all located in the same folder. You can even use SuperCat to print images or set your favourite photo as desktop background.

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