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Stellar Phoenix DB2 Recovery is an easy to use DB2 database recovery software that repairs corrupted DB2 is designed to recover and repair corrupted or damaged databases created by using IBM DB2 (UDB) v8 and recovers DB2 database after any logical corruption situation, like application malfunctioning, improper system shutdown, database header corruption, use of non-fenced stored procedure, corrupted database object, system error, virus attack, etc. The software is built with a highly interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI) and does not require any technical knowledge. DB2 recovery software recovers almost all components like tables, views, triggers, schemas, user-defined distinct data types, primary and foreign key associated with tables, containers and buffer pools. All recovered DB2 database components are saved at user-defined location and can be attached to DB2 database. Compatible with Windows 2003, XP, and 2000. Stellar Phoenix DB2 Recovery v1.0 is a non-destructive DB2 recovery utility that provides safe database recovery, as it does not modify the previously saved DB2 database. The software provides absolute DB2 database recovery after all the underneath error messages: An error occurred while storing the next synonym set to the dictionary file, Synonym XML file could not be accessed, SQL0298N "BAD CONTAINER PATH", An error occurred while validating field. It is assumed to be valid. Stellar Phoenix DB2 Recovery v1.0 is incorporated with advanced features including Message log, Save Log, and Clear Log options, which show the progress of ongoing recovery process. The DB2 recovery software also provides "STOP" option to stop the database repair process. The "Help" option embedded in the software provides a complete understanding of the software. Demo version shows all recovered DB2 database.

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