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- Does your chief control your E-mail everyday? - Does your teammate always ask you about what you send in encrypted PGP mails? - Does your wife likes to read your E-mails while you are at work? Secret's Assistant is a good way to solve your problems. This is an ideal tool for people who share very sensitive data with someone else and require these data to remain secure. This software gives you: - easy passing over censorship - strong security level (no password - no data) - end of any suspicions - your choice of transfer method Distinguishing features: - All messages or/and pictures hided into images are encrypted with special method based on 256-bit encryption algorithm and password protected. - Password isn't contained inside the file. - The images containing hidden messages (and/or images) are fully functional and are identical to the original one. - The images don't lose quality. - Supported graphics files formats: BMP, RLE, DIB, JPEG. - All images can be viewed by any available image viewer software. Nobody knows that the image contains hidden messages. Full version benefits: - No more nag-screens - Output image has no visible warning notice - No image size restrictions - 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee

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