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Safe & Quick Hide Files, Version 2002 ================================ Safe&Quick Hide Files has three major functions: Hide files and folders, encrypt file, Camouflage files and folders. The three major functions make it supper private information protector. You can prevent your private files from being seen by other users to your computer by hide them or encrypt them. Above %90 companies installed net monitor and net spy software, to prevent from leaking your private information, when you want to send a private email, you can hide your private file in a common file --- the way is camouflage -- the net monitor then will log it as a common file. Additionally, It also can open and manage all your hided files and Folders. Password-protect is included in both run-time and uninstall. Program self-protect is enabling. The characters: 1. Safe. Most Hide-File tools use the Hooking-System-File-Device-Driver principles and None program can open the hided files. They are unsafe. But Safe&Quick Hide Files use the Windows-System-Security principles, your can open the file if you know the full path of the file or folder. It is truly safe. 2. Quick. It takes almost no time to hide the files and folders. In our test (CPU 433M), it takes 1200 milliseconds to encrypt a file with size 20M. 3. Big capacity. It can hide any file or folders, no mater how big the file is. It can highly ompress the file and folder and hide them to the camouflaged file. It can encrypt a Single file with the upper most size: 4.3G. 4. Program-Self protects. Only the owner of the program can uninstall the program. The files of the program are anti-remove and anti-rename. (I have never seen any other program or tool that has this function, when I delete or uninstall them, the system is crashed.) Any question, please email to: Copyright Microidea Software Studio, 2002.

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