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SoftDigi PrintScreen - the program which specializes in captures the contents of the screen with a single keystroke. For example, depending on program mode, you can capture the entire screen; or you can capture only active window; or you can capture screen area, which you needs. The captured screen can be saved to disk as a file in 6 different graphics file formats (BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, TGA). Also you can switch on the record mode, which allows you to save all actions performed on computer into the video file, which can be used for video manual, video presentation creation or, simply, for video roller creation. SD PrintScreen is easy-to-use, has intuitively-understandable interface and is a fully configurable, which makes this program one of the best of a screen capture programs. You can configure all of the program modes in your taste, put SD PrintScreen on Windows StartUp, make program always stay on top of other windows and so on! After using SD PrintScreen for just a short time, we are sure you will find SD PrintScreen to be an invaluable tool for your Windows environment.

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